Thursday, August 19, 2010


Wolfie is back! For those of you who have no idea who Wolfie is, he is like a class pet in kindergarten. If your name gets drawn then you are the lucky one that gets to bring Wolfie home for one night and journal about your adventures with Wolfie and then return him the next day to his official home: kindergarten. Well of course Bryce did this two years ago and now it is Ella's turn to do it with her class.
I don't know if I have ever seen this girl so happy. It was like she won the lottery or something. She came out of her class yesterday with the biggest smile and was proudly wearing the Wolfie bag. She took such great care of Wolfie and included him in everything she did while he was here. But right before she went back to school I found her sitting by herself with tears in her eyes. At first I didn't even notice because she wasn't crying and she really isn't a big crier anyway. But then I noticed and asked her what was wrong at which point she burst into tears and explained how much she would miss Wolfie.
It really was the sweetest thing because she wasn't throwing a fit about it or anything she was just explaining to me how much she would miss him. So, I guess, needless to say we are very much looking forward to the next time Ella's name gets drawn to bring Wolfie home again. I am not sure if Wolfie has ever experienced that much love. So I am sure he is looking forward to it too.

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The Locklins said...

That is too sweet! I hope Wolfie gets to come visit again, real soon.