Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flying High

Yes, that star is on the top of our seven foot Christmas tree. And yes, Halle loves to fly. And yes, Jarrod is Halle's hero.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Aunt Cookie is Engaged

Do you see the big beautiful ring on that finger? We are so excited to tell you all that Aunt Cookie (formerly known as my little sister Courtney) is engaged. She is going to marry Johnny Hall who we love very much and are so excited to have for a brother and an uncle. I personally can't wait to go dress shopping with my baby sister. I have also been asked to be a matron of honor, along with my other beautiful sister. And I just want to announce now that Kelsey and I are so going to take matronly out of Matron of Honor. I mean really who came up with that title anyway.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Non Transformation

The other day my kids decided to work on me . They worked and worked on me. For about an hour they put things in my hair and used makeup brushes on my face. At some point when my hair was full of everything that they could find. Ella said to Bryce what do you think she will look like when we take it all out. Bryce said "I think she will look like Hannah Montana." When they did take it all out Bryce stood back and looked at me and said "You look like Mommy." Sorry Bryce, I am sure that was disappointing.


First off I am sorry to anyone who is keeping up with my blog, that I haven't kept up very well this month. We are very busy enjoying all the festivities of the Christmas Season.

Okay do you all know who this is? Because you had better. It is Jana Alayra. A real live super star to my kiddos. She came to our MOPS group last week and she is such a sweetheart.
We got to MOPS early that morning and so my kids came in the room where we have our meetings, and saw Jana walking around casually. Then they followed me out of the room and they were standing at the entrance of the room near me. As we were standing there, Ella was whispering as people walked by, "Jana is in there!"
Thank you Jana for a great cry(her testimony), and a fun time with the kids(concert).

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Don't Eat Them All Mom

So this afternoon Ella and I were baking caramel apple bars. And after we put them in the oven it was time for Ella to take a rest (I would love to be able to say it was time for Ella to go take a nap, but who am I kidding she doesn't nap). And Ella said "No Mommy, I want to taste them." I reassured her that she was welcome to do that after her nap when they were finished. And do you know what she said to me, "Don't eat them all Mom, I want to try them." What? Why in the world would she think that I was going to eat them all? She is 3 why is she talking to me like a grown up?
Well anyway I think that this serves as a wake up call, eat less baked goods, or maybe just make more! I think I will go with the latter.