Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School

So the first day of school came once again and surprise surprise we survived it. So first we took Bryce to school and met his teacher. His teacher seems very sweet and of course very capable. I wanted to sit her down and tell her how lucky she is to get to have my adorable boy in her class, but you know I thought that might be a little bit forward.

We examined his desk with him. Everything was so nice and new. I love all the new school supplies...I know I am weird like that. It was kind of hard to leave him there with all new faces. He didn't know a single soul in his class and he looked pretty nervous when I left him. But by the time I picked him up he said that it was fun and that he made a friend. His new friend sits right next to him. His name is Gavin and apparently Gavin has a really cool folder. Cooler than Bryce's. I asked Bryce what it was like and he told me that I need to come to school and check it out because it is that cool. I thought folders were just folders, but what do I know I am just a mom now. We went home and waited for Ella's turn. She changed oufits a couple of times. She finally ended up in this little get up. Whatever makes her happy right? I for one think it was an excellent choice. Great job Elle!

So we went to school which was actually a short day for her. It was more of a parent orientation than anything. She got to do a few things and the teachers talked to the parents. And when I said "Okay Ella are you ready to go." She looked up and said "That's it?"

She is so ready for this.

Watch out world here she comes!

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The Locklins said...

they look so darling Cara! I'm glad the day went smoothly. And meltdown free. :)