Saturday, May 30, 2009

Not Normal Ella

This is how I found my almost 4 year old the other day. Okay so this is not normal. I know she is small, but what in the world. This is a very small little kid play stove. And she isn't even taking up the whole thing. No, just the bottom shelf. Ella get out and come eat something for goodness sake.

Halle and the Colored Horses

The other day I dropped the big kids off to have a little play date and while they were doing that Halle and I went to the Mall to browse around and return some things. While we were there Halle happened to see the little miniature carousel. She ran over to it and wanted to hop on. Well there were three different colored horses. There was a blue horse, a pink horse, and a green horse. Halle hopped right onto the green horse. And then she proceeded to tell me that the pink horse was Ella's and the blue horse was Brycey's (she only calls him Brycey, which I think is hysterical and adorable). It was so cute that she was thinking of them and so perceptive that she knew which horse they would pick. And so considerate of her to pick the remaining horse, even though they weren't there anyway of course. I am secretly hoping that this also maybe means she will have a little more tomboy in her. Maybe she will be just the balance we need. No pressure or anything Halle, if you are obsessed with all things pink in a couple of years that is okay too.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Halle's Love Language

Okay so I know that traditionally processed sugar is not considered a love language. But I truly think that whoever came up with the five love languages did not consider Halle in their research because look at this face. This is what happens when you give this child processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup, any baked good, or any other sugary treat. She acts like she is on top of the world and everything in life is good. She actually acts relieved like she has been walking through the desert and has finally come upon the thing that will keep her going. I know that seems dramatic but what can I say I am just reporting the facts. I am telling you I think I have found a sixth love language. It is called junk food. Or maybe we should name it after Halle Reese herself.

Sew What?

Okay this is going to sound crazy but I have been learning to sew. (I know in all my spare time right.) I decided that since I could barely sew a button back on or sew a straight hem, that maybe it was time for me to take my skills to the next level. In short I was starting to be embarrassed about giving my mom all of my mending. And not to mention the fact that there is becoming more and more mending with all of these children around here. So I decided to take on a sewing project and have my mom help me so that I could learn what I was doing. And I discovered that it is quite fun. So first I made the girls Easter dresses because it was almost Easter and it seemed like an appropriate choice.

So there they are: my first attempt at making my kids clothes.
Then I saw these dresses that I liked at a cute store but they were $89 dollars each. Let us just take a moment to laugh at buying kids $90 dresses. I mean really how long would it take these two crazy kids to destroy them. I might as well flush $200 down the toilet. So anyways I thought I bet I could make those. So I did. (With a little help from my mom again.) And guess what they cost me about $12 each. Anyway I think they turned out fun.

By the way this really isn't to toot my own horn. It is really just to document that I actually sewed. But feel free to toot my horn if you like.

Friday, May 22, 2009

4/29/09-Bryce is 6

This is from Bryce's little birthday sleep over with his close friends. We had such a wonderful time with these kiddos. They were all such a joy to have for the night.

My Baby turned 6. 6. Did you get that? 6. What in the world? How is this happening?

Bryce, I love you so much. I don't understand why my time with you is going so quickly. It actually feels a little bit like a cruel trick. I like you so much that I want to spend all of the time with you that I can. I love your sweet spirit that has to tell the truth and loves to cuddle. I love your playfulness that is always wondering what and where we are going to go or do next. I so look forward to your beautiful smile that walks through the door everyday after school. I love that you love your sisters and that you love to teach and help them. I love that your favorite thing is to cuddle with me. I would do anything for you, I would walk a hundred miles to kiss those cheeks of yours, I would back flip just to see you smile. So please please don't grow up too fast. Make sure to spend plenty of leisurely time being a little boy, our sweet sweet little boy.

I'm Back!

I know that you have all been on pins and needles... waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting... for another all inspiring post. Okay maybe nobody really noticed. Either way it is okay though because really this is for me. I want to remember this stuff someday as silly and random as it seems.
Anyway so this last week I realized something. I realized that I had become okay around here with things that are absolutley not okay. I was over looking and ignoring things that my kids were doing that desperatley need to be addressed. So my priorites have changed and I have placed discipline and training and shaping my kids near the very very top. And guess what? We all feel so much better. They are happier even though they have had to endure some more severe punishment that I truly hate to be the enforcer of. They are still so much happier. They know how I am going to respond. They know what they are not allowed to do. (They knew it before but lately I think they doubted if I would follow through and do anything about anything.) Daddy is happier because Mommy is happier and the kids are more fun to be with. And I feel more at peace and there is so much more joy in doing a better job at my job. I don't know exactly how I lost my way for a little while. But my hope is that I can continue to do the work that it takes to do my job which is to raise kids that respect and love God and others.

Halle is learning a lot about behavior that is not okay in the Lippen household. The crying and whining is being ignored to the point of painfulness but I think that she is getting the point. She is learning if she is going to throw a fit because she does not agree with mommy that she will have to do it in her own room and not disrupt the rest of the family. She is learning that mommy loves her so much and wants to play with her but that she can't always do it right now and that sometimes you are going to have to wait for a better time.

Bryce and Ella are just being reminded of what they already know- that mommy is absolutely all the time, never changing, no amount of whining altering, unequivocally in charge. And also that if you say a non loving thing or raise a finger towards your sibling you had better prepare yourself for the consequences.

Anyway there is just so much to learn and talk about and discover when you are 6, almost 4, and 21 months (especially 21 months.) And when I am working and see 12 year olds crying about the decision of what to eat for dinner or 7 year olds crawling under the table and not responding to the question of what do you want for lunch or 10 year olds running through the restraunt or just kids that don't say thank you or may I please have..., I remember how important it is for these little people to keep on learning and growing .

So I guess I am back in more than one way.