Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Princess Ella

Can I start out by saying that I never thought I would be here with one of my own little girls dressed up like a princess. I have always thought that was so over the top, you know, way too girly for me. But none the less here I find myself with my adorable little girl that loves the princesses and of course wants to be one.

Well ahem...I had so much fun letting her be such a part of what she loves so much. Ella and my mom and I went to Disneyland without the other kids for her 4th birthday. She soaked up every minute of it. We did all of the things that she loves that we usually never do, like wait in line to meet every princess you could possibly think of. They all hugged her and told her that she looked so much like their best friend Ariel. And they all said that she had a pretty name just like their friend Cinderella. We got their autographs and their pictures and we will remember our special day. And now I realize that I would go through Disneyland with one of my own girls dressed like a princess because she loves it and so I... love it!

The best princess ever.

She really doesn't like this that much at all. Can you tell?
Her autograph book, that is right now her most valued pocession.

We definetly liked Princess Aurora the best. She was just precious. Which is why we ended up picking her dress in the dress shop.

Yes she is turning 4. I think I will go cry now for a while.