Friday, August 27, 2010


I was able to go to Ella's class to help out for the first time today. I can't even express the many things that you can learn from this experience!

So I went today so curious about all of the kids in her class. Well do you know what I walked away with? My little red head did not get her art skills from her daddy. Meaning she got them from me, which is bad news for her. I came home and immediately told her father that he was to start tutoring our daughter in the arts.

And that wasn't even the worst of it. Do you know what my daughter did while the teacher was talking? She barked. That is right people, barked! Like a puppy. Her perfectly sweet teacher had to stop talking and use her full name to get her to stop barking.

I guess I should stop and tell you that Ella is usually a really great student. She is very compliant and has already vowed that she would never need to move her clip in kindergarten because she was so sure that she would never ever misbehave. She listens pretty intently and follows directions very thoroughly. Her last teacher thanked me daily for sharing her.

But despite all of this she barked. Luckily she is not my firstborn because if she had been I might of fainted dead away from embarrassment. But because she is the second born I just laughed and made a mental note to remind her not to bark in the classroom. You know, just to save the barking for the playground. I know I know, I am so wise now.


Heather Fretz said...

Oh my gosh, this is so so funny. You ARE so wise now!

Barking??? Really? I would have died still. She is a crack up.

The Rooks said...

This makes me laugh..Kindergarten is sooo fun!