Friday, September 17, 2010

Cookie Drama

So today was LONG! I am beat!

On the way home after such a long day I had the brilliant idea to go out to dessert, just me and the kids. Not so brilliant! The wait was too long at the restaurant and we definitely couldn't stay. I thought about leaving without anything, but the kids would have started a revolutionary war and overthrown the queen and stormed the dessert case. And since I didn't stand a chance against that threat... I decided to just get a giant cookie to go and bring it home warm it up and pile a mountain of ice cream on top and share it with the kids. So by the time we got back in the car Ella had fallen and, I thought, torn her ACL or something by the way that she was holding her knee and screaming. (It turns out she is fine, not to worry.) And it was 8:30. And let me tell you people when your husband works all day, like from before you wake up till after you go to sleep, 8:30 pm might as well be 2:00 in the morning. And I had just spent $4 on a cookie. Can we all just agree that a cookie in not worth $4?

So I was driving home reaming myself for my stupidity. And I got home and heated up the cookie and threw a gallon of ice cream on top of it. I pushed the chairs of the table together and we all huddled up, shared a plate and ate the cookie concoction with 4 spoons. And guess what? It was all so worth it! We sat there and talked and scarfed and helped each other cut a cookie with spoons. It was a great moment...and totally worth $3.99.


Heather Fretz said...

that is hilarious. not really, but you know. funny now.
tore her ACL. HA!

Paul and Julie said...

love that great!

kirstyb said...

love this thanks for sharing x